Many people see music as a remedy, as a cure for their problems, both mental and physical, and we definitely agree.
There have been so many studies that have shown that music is the key to our issues, so that’s why we will write about some problems that music can actually solve.
Maybe you didn’t know but babies who are born too early often have to go back to hospital in order to get best possible care.
Besides everything else, many hospitals decide to play them some music, which helps them to gain weight they need and also the necessary strength. Doctors especially think that playing Mozart is very important for those babies.
Maybe music cannot bring you back your hearing but it can definitely prevent it. For example people who listen to music all the time or are musicians can keep good hearing much longer than those who are non-musicians. So we advise you to listen to music as often as you can.
Now music can even heal a broken heart and we are not talking about a typical broken heart you get when someone hurts you.
We are talking about a broken heart you get when you survive heart attack. Music can help those patients in so many ways. For example it can reduce their blood pressure and slow the heart rate.
In case you didn’t have a heart attack, we advise you to listen to music that makes you happy, because that will be a great preventative from heart attack.