Lana Del Rey is very famous, as you know, and many people believe that she is a great singer. But there is another side of the story. Many people believe that she is bad singer and that her song are stupid. Although she has many fans, number of people who hate her is increasing! So today we can read many hate-blogs or articles that show us hate for this musician. The situation is becoming even worse. Kim Gordon, a former singer of legendary music group, Sonic Youth, mentioned in her book, Girl in a Band, that Lana doesn’t know what feminism is! She explained that Lana, uses feminism for her personal gain, and that she even thinks that feminism is made for women’s personal gain. But, this leads her towards destruction. Kim Gordon also said that Lana is sleeping with elderly men and even in an orgies with bikers!

The second ‘’attack’’ on Lana Del Ray was from Kathy Griffin, a famous comedian, who leads TV show Fashion Police. On one occasion, Kathy spoke about her meeting with Lana at the pre Grammy party, organized by Cleve Davis. She was very angry and behave as a teenager. The reason for her behavior was some articles about a way Lana dress herself. Sadly, there are many more negative comments about Lana Del Ray. Some say that she is a great artist, other say that she is one of the worst artists of all times. I honestly believe that she is a good artist and I like listening to her music.