I am sure by now you must be wondering what exactly happened so as for Little Mix to diss One Direction band member Harry Styles in their latest interview. That said the reasons behind the diss will highly surprise you.

The diss came during a recent radio interview where Little Mix were asked if they would swipe right or left on Tinder in an event that Harry Style’s face appeared.

Hollywood Life is reporting that the real reason why they Dissed 21-year old Harry Styles is because of the fact that Harry is a ladies’ man.

Citing a source close to the group, Hollywood life reported that “Little Mix didn’t mean any harm, but they just think Harry’s a bit of a ladies man and a player.”

It went on to add that, “The girls believe that makes him pretty unattractive and impossible to date because he’s not really boyfriend material.”

The ladies at Little Mix actually really like the One Direction star, but the pressure which comes from his admirers is what they actually can’t deal with.

“Harry also gets so much female attention, so it would be impossible to deal with if you did date him,” a source close to the group revealed. “They love him really, but in the context of that interview, they just believe he isn’t very dateable.”

The Little Mix ladies might have something here, let’s focus on Harry and his relationship for a bit. Apart from having dated very beautiful ladies in Hollywood, he has struggled to stay on a long time relationship and he even just ended his relationship with Nadine Leopold.