US rapper T.I calls his music Trap music. Well, for his latest album, he has settled for Trap’s Open as the title. The 34 year old rapper made the revelation during an interview to promote the movie Get Hard which he co-stars alongside Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell.

Initially, the album was to be named ‘Paperwork: The Return’ but he opted for Trap’s Open. His last albumPaperwork sold more than 200 000 copies in America alone. It featured club anthems such as “No Mediocre” and “About The Money.” For Trap’s Open, it will be different things altogether. He is quoted saying, “This next one is going to be unapologetically gangsta. It’s trap music. And it’s called Traps Open.”

Of note, however, is that T.I is both gangsta and a gentleman too. He has even promised to give up and coming rappers some etiquette classes.

The rapper is known for readily engaging in commercial ventures with varying success. Besides rap, he’s also a producer. He has tried his hand movies, making appearances in sets such as ATL, Takers, American Gangster and Identity Thief. He has written two novels, namely Power & Beauty and Trouble and Triumph. He has also been endorsed for various products too.

For the hip-hop heads though, anticipation for the new album is high therefore fans expect the album to live up to its billing as being gangsta.