With rumors of them having made out during a recent recording session in New York for their single, Drake and Rihanna were spotted sharing a sweet hug at a nightclub in New York proving that the two are the friendliest exes you will ever meet.

Drake, 28, and Rihanna, 27, have been in the past few weeks been spending lots of time together in the recording studio and as a way to cool off from all the hard work the two opted to go out for a night out on May the 8th. The two enjoyed each other’s company in the clubs VIP section. 
Over the past few months the two have been hanging out together plenty of times begging the question if the two are rekindling back their romance. However the hug that the two shared on May the 8th goes to show that they are still friends as it was basically a friendly hug. 

Although the two shared a friendly hug at the club, an insider has revealed that the two, who are currently working on a new song together, got very touchy with one another and ended up making out for three good hours in what the insider termed as a steamy session between the two. 

“Most of their time in the studio was spent talking about their future and kissing — lots of kissing!” the insider revealed to Hollywood Life. “Something about being inside a New York City studio together turns them on, especially Rihanna, because it’s secretive and seedy.”
Fans for both Rihanna and Drake lit up twitter with many of them calling for the two to reunite and stop torturing themselves.