Pop music owes its origin to Europe. Post the development as well as growth of pop music in the United States of America, gradually formed rock, jazz, blues, rap, rhythm, etc. This expanded the industry of music and spread the culture of music even further. With rapid developments in pop music, a latest form of music came into existence. In China, it began spreading in 1930s.
Due to its wide popularity, creativity, life, simplicity and diversity it became one of the most popular forms of music. Rhythm and melody are quite distinct. The themes as well as content as based on family, love & inspiration with varied styles of experiences and feelings which the contemporary public expresses. Today, it’s become popular as Bel Canto singing.

It incorporated a set of figures, music, dance & performances, Due to its very different and unique sound, ethnic music & modern day fashion, the style of performing it became more close to the lives of people making pop music entertaining as well as commercial as compared to any other form of music., Further, the pop music is easier to be learnt. Some very simple and routine pop songs without any kind of training can be sung easily.

It has got a solid base. But this doesn’t mean that the famous concert lacks artistry and professionalism. For instance, the originality of the famous POP voice- conversion, continual Zone across the Octave-voice to the show, and the treble parts of CLS jumping skills if not the systematic, training, it will be impossible to function.