Break ups are one of the nastiest things out there, and the more public they are the nastier they can get. Instead of back and forth texting public personas tend to use different online and offline publications to get back at each other.

This is the case of Nicki Minaj and Safaree Samuels, one of hip-hops high profile couples. After breaking up Nicki posted a usie – that’s a selfie with more than one people in it – with rapper Meek Mills. Both Nicki and Meek insists there is nothing between them and that they are just good friends. However this seems to add even more to the already strong rumor that the two rappers had something going on between them.

Almost as a response, just a few hours later, Safaree Samuels was seen showcasing his new girlfriend, model Candice Brooks. To make matters even more interesting he bought here roses in front of the paparazzi before taking off with her, in his car.

Just hours afterwards Nicki vented her anguish on Instagram with a very long post about love, hate and everything in between. Although Safarees name was never mentioned in this post it is clear to everyone who read it that it was directly aimed at him.

It is always very hard to see things end, especially after 11 years which was the case here however public displays of affection or otherwise tend to get old very fast and take a toll on the fanbases.