Paramore have finally decided to end their world tour and are doing so with another little tour. The reason you haven’t seen any new music from Paramore is that they have been touring since 2013 with their first album.

In 2015 besides playing at the Hangout Festival the band will also do a new U.S. tour starting with their first performance on April 27 in Augusta, Georgia. The new tour is supposed to be a little different from what we’re used to from the band. Apparently the band will play smaller venues, giving fans an intimate performance under the name “Paramore: Writing the Future”.

In a statement, Haylee Williams (lead singer of the band), said that this a natural end of an era and that they have decided to put on one last, little celebration for the fans. Williams continued by saying that their success is due to fans and it wouldn’t feel right if they didn’t repay them with one last going away performance.

The band has not released any new material and there is no talk or rumor in that direction. However they have launched a new deluxe version of their first album which includes a few new tracks (previously unreleased) and a few live performances.

The band’s first album was nominated for a Grammy however it didn’t win. Now they have a second chances as their single “Ain’t It Funny” was nominated for this year’s Grammy’s. What will happen we’ll just have to wait and see as the Grammy winners will be announced in the ceremony on Feb. 8.