Rude, Magic!'s debut single was sold in more than 3 million copies, around the world. It was the Number One song in America, last summer. It stayed there for 6 weeks. This song was telling about rude girlfriend’s father. It sounds much better than the name. It was played by the Magic! a ‘’Canadian reggae group’’. On the other side, Time named this song as the worst song in 2014.

This band was seen at the Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival in the north shore of Trelawny. They played two hits. Already famous ‘’Rude’’ and ‘’Let your hair down.’’ The audience loved both of them and they are currently played by almost any FM radio in the country. At the moment, they are known as the Canadian reggae band, Magic!

According to the DJ Wayne, one of the most known DJ’s in the country, Jamaica he always welcomed and accepted different types of music. He is a DJ on the IRIE FM the most important reggae station in Jamaica. In addition, DJ Wayne said that during 50’s and 60’s, they were listening to &B, a band from the US. The same situation is with the Magic! This DJ just loves their songs!
Jamaican people like melodic pop and smooth flows. Some of the popular artists there, are: Kenny Rogers, Celine Dion, Singing Melody and Tony Curtis.

Nasri Atweh, announced that Jamaicans write great songs, regardless of the genre. His idols during childhood were Bob Marley and the Police. In addition, he said that songs should be like ‘’Obamas talk’’. Easy to understand and pleasant to hear!