So the saying goes you can never stay on top forever and Madonna recently found that out in the harshest way possible.
Reports have indicated that Madonna’s new album has only managed to sale a record low 150,000 units to date.

It wasn’t all gloomy for Madonna when it all started as the album sold a respectable 116,000 units in its first week. However things went north from there as the sale of new album fell by nearly 80% in its second week with only 22,800 copies sold.

That said many have come out in defense of the pop icon stating that the low numbers which are currently being witnessed are as a result of her songs which were leaked late last year. However those who have listened to the album have been quoted saying that it is skimpy on tracks even worthy of being called good adding that the entire album does not have a single track which is worth it.

If we are to base our judgments on those remarks by people who have actually listened to her album it becomes clear as to why BBC Radio 2 did not include any single from Madonna track to rotation due to the fact that they lack relevance to buying audience. In addition to that it also lacks the overall quality.

That said the numbers of her album sales are bound to go up once tickets for her upcoming tour are made available. This is due to the fact that Madonna is among those many artists who usually offer copies of their album with the purchase of their concert tickets.