The Super Bowl is one of the most important and watched moment in athletic history all year round and usually an artist is invite to perform at half-time. This year it is Katy Perry and the Super Bowl is only three weeks away.

Now all the media world is asking all sorts of questions about the wardrobe, about the songs she’ll sings, about the show she’ll put on and that is putting a lot of pressure on her. While invited to talk about it on the ‘Today’ show she was sincere about it and admitted that even though she is happy about this it’s a little bit scary to perform in front of 115 million people.

She continued by saying that even though she is nervous she will use this feeling and turn it in something productive so she can give the greatest performance she can. The singer then added that she cried the entire day when she found out the news and can easily start to do so again if she does not actively restrain herself.

Katy even gave fans a little peak behind the curtain saying that her first guest will be no other than Lenny Kravitz and that also she wants her entrance and exit to be memorable. So fans everywhere: pay close attention to the stage before the beginning and just before the ending, you don’t want to miss something just because you were getting a coke.

Katy even expressed on of her fantasies for the performance which implies covering the entire field in glitter which is unlikely but not impossible.