Unexpected events can happen in any occasion and it was experienced firsthand by Adam Levine when he gets ambushed by a fan during Maroon 5 Concert in Anaheim, Calif. last Monday evening (April 06, 2015). Instead of freaking out, Levine enables to stay calm and handled the situation very well. In fact, he gives the fan a hug before sending her back calmly to the audience area. While the concert is ongoing, a woman suddenly climbed up the stage and started wrapping her arms around Adam Levine’s neck where it was seen by many people at the Honda Center.

Assuring the fans after the incident, Levine stated that: “That was weird, right? She cut my ear with her fingernail.” It was a bit terrifying for Adam because he got a cut on his ear after the woman wrapped her arms without noticing that her fingernails are scratching Levine’s neck intensely. Fans quickly took to sites such as Twitter and Instagram to share their thoughts about the incident. Some paid attention to the security measures and asked that the audience should be kept farther from the stage to avoid such situation in the future.

According to CBS News, the Maroon 5 concert tour in Anaheim, Calif. is the last leg as “The Voice” will be taping episodes again as well as Adam will be returning for his role as one of the mentor of the said show.