Most people have heard the hit song by Robin Thicke and Pharrel. Most have also decided if they agree with the vaguely sexual harassment vibe of the song or not as well. But now we have to decide if the song is a true breach of copyright like the Gaye Children claim. The family claim Thicke and Pharrel stole inspiration and possibly content from the Marvin Gaye song Got To Give It Up.

Marvin's family ended up being awarded over $7million dollars in so called 'damages'. Now many see this as an act of justice and a wrong that needed to be righted. Although one could argue that it was rather unnecessary when you consider how small the amount of money is to these celebrities and how real the damage caused really is. Whether you agree with the verdict or not, you must realise that it has set the current precedent for copyright claims.

It can now be said that the thin ice of copyright law just thinned another few millimetres. We seem to be turning into a culture that allows big, rich, powerful individuals and companies to bully anyone and everyone on the grounds of their media only being slightly inspired by or similar to their own works. Sometimes the offences are purely accidental like you could say about this case or are mistaken to be in breach of the fair use policy set up. No matter what, this legislation could show a rising trend in baseless lawsuits of the same kind in the name of copyright.