There is no doubt that Chris Brown has been impacted by her baby Royalty in a good way and as much as it might seem hard to believe, Royalty has in some way changed Chris Brown and how he views life as well as other people. In recognition, the signer come rapper has shown that he is willing to do anything possible so as for Royalty to have the best things in life and what she wants, in fact Chris wanted to stage her birthday at Disney World but the mum, Nia Guzman, refused. Now the signer wants Royalty to have play dates with North West and Blue Ivy, Kanye’s and Jay Z’s daughter respectively.

While speaking with Ryan Seacrest, 26-year old Chris Brown revealed that he would want baby Royalty to have play dates with top celeb babies in Hollywood.

He is keen on putting together “a play date for baby Royalty with one of the famous Hollywood kids,” a source added after the Rapper left the interview with Ryan Seacrest.

Among the top Hollywood babies that Chris would like Royalty to have play dates with are Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s baby North West, Tyga and Blac Chyna’s baby King Cairo and Jay Z and Beyonce’s baby Blue Ivy.

Chris also went on to speak about how baby Royalty has had a good impact on his life. “I think this was just a blessing in disguise with my daughter because I get a chance to look at her and teach her the right path and also be a father in my daughter’s life.”