During an interview with the queen of talk shows, Oprah Winfrey, Betty White, 93, said that if there is one thing that she would love to do differently in life is marry her husband, Allen Ludden sooner.

White and her husband tied the knot back in 1963 and according to White, she should have married him a year before that.

When she was asked if she has any regrets, White said that, “That I spent a whole year, wasted a whole year, that Allen and I could have had together, saying no, I wouldn’t marry him. No, I won’t. No, I won’t leave California. No, I won’t move to New York. I wasted a whole year we could have had together. But we made it. We finally did.”
White, who has had two failed marriages, one with a pilot in the U.S. Army, Dick Barker, and the other with Lane Allen, a Hollywood agent, said that she had no regrets whatsoever with the outcome of her previous marriages stating that they were not right for her.

“I had lovely relationships, but not anything in the league of Allen,” White said during an interview with the Mail Online last year.
With regards to whether or not she will marry again, White said that would never happen due to the fact that no man in this world can be able to replace Allen or come close to him.

“Once you’ve had the best, who needs the rest?” she told Larry King during an interview early this year. “I made two mistakes before Allen, but the love of your life doesn’t come along in every life, so I am very grateful that I found him.”