Not everyone is a fan of Kylie Jenner’s lips in the Kardashian family.

While looking for some support from her big sister Kim Kardashain, 34, and Kendall Jenner, Kylie, 17, was surprised to hear comments by Kendall, 19. Although Kim Karadshian showed her support to Kylie, Kendall was not that happy about her lips stating that they were just too big.

All this happened during Sunday’s episode of “Keeping Up With The Kardashian” when Kylie had visited her big sister Kim, Kanye’s wife, in her apartment. The three sat down to have a small conversation and during the talk Kim’s attention is focused on Kylie’s new hairdo, which I must say was just awesome, prompting her to compliment the 17-year old.
“I think you look amazing,” Kim, who recently launched her book Selfish, said, adding that, “Your lips look amazing.”

In response, Kylie, while side-eyeing her sister Kendall, said, “Kendall said they were too big yesterday.”

Following this revelation Kim K tries her best to reassure Kylie that she is looking good while on the other hand Kendall wasn’t having none of it. According to Kendall all her sisters look beautiful and no one needs any modification to their current looks, in fact she goes out to tell her that her lips are too big.

Just recently Kylie admitted to have had something done to her lips months after she constantly denied the same allegations. The craze on Kylie’s lips has even caused a Kylie lip challenge which has resulted into people injuring themselves as they plump their lips so that they look just like those of Kylie Jenner.