Karrueche Tran, 27, is out to make the story straight about her relationship with rapper Chris Brown, 27. 

During a recent interview, Tran made it that she is not dating “Loyal” singer Chris Brown adding that she is 100% single. Over the past few months, the relationship status of Karrueche Tran and Chris Brown has been the subject of talk all over town with many stating that the two actually got back together and as it turns out , this was only just rumors or maybe that’s what Tran wants us to believe. 

“I am 100% single,” Tran said during her candid one-on-one radio interview with popular radio host Big Boy. She went on to state that, “There are a few dudes trying to make their pass. I’m really just trying to focus on me.” 

Also during the interview, Tran didn’t hold back when the topic of Chris’ baby came up especially given that it took her by surprise. Tran said that after learning about the news, she called the rapper and cussed at him for keeping it a secret from her. 

She also address numerous rumors over the past that indicated she was driving cars which had been bought by her ex Chris Brown stating that, “Any car that I have driven has been in my name. [Chris] did purchase me [a Porsche] a couple years ago, but it was in my name. But I sold it.” 

Despite her stating that there is nothing going on between the two many do believe that there is a high likelihood that she will eventually end up with Chris Brown and for that to be proven we will just have to wait and see.