NBC's Nightly News program lost an anchor in Brian Williams when he had to face suspension in the wake of his making up a false story about his adventures aboard a helicopter while it faced the fury of Iraqi forces in Iraq in 2003.

He gave different and completely unrelated versions of the story. He confessed to have made up the story himself. He was put under suspension without a salary following this. The news reader blames his ego at having driven him to do what he did. Williams repeated that his intention was not to mislead and misguide people.
 But he apologized for his misdemeanor. Williams proceeds to NBC's sister cable network, MSBC, as news reader in mid-August giving up the prestigious job of anchoring news stories with the network.

William’s six-month suspension was initiated in February. Lester Holt has taken over his post since then as anchor for Nightly News. He has been declared as its permanent anchor by the media moguls.

Williams has been at the helm of affairs in the news channel, particularly for hosting the news program, Nightly News since for 22 years. This should make it easy for Williams to get back his lost esteem at the news channel.

Williams had made it to being the favorite news-reader of the country prior to his suspension. Nightly News had come to acquire the status of the most popular news programme in the nation. Williams has  a knack at driving conversations between celebrities at talk shows that remains unparalleled.