Brandi Glanville from “Real House Wives of Beverly Hills” visited Howard Stern a visit on his show recently for a one on one chat and she did not have any kind words for cast mates on “Real House Wives of Beverly Hills”. 

If you happen to be a fan of “Real House Wives of Beverly Hills”, then you would have known that Brandi Glanville will not be returning to the “Real House Wives of Beverly Hills” as an official housewives. That said, Glanville, who is the ex-wife to Eddie Cibrian, sat down with Howard Stern for a one on one talk and during the talk she ended up opening about her exist as well as why she is pissed off at her now former co-stars of “Real House Wives of Beverly Hills” especially those whom she really disliked, that is  Lisa Rinna, Kylie Richards, Eileen Davidson and Lisa Vanderpump. 

“There are have know idea,” Glanville told Howard Stern. “They simply don’t know and this is why this whole thing sucks and the fact that they are all c--s. Because they are running around stating that I was fired while at the moment I simply in the process of renting a house for two of my children and know is ready to rent out a house to me because they believe I am fired.” 

According to Glanville, the rumors about her being fired are not true in fact she is currently working on a new TV show. In addition to that she also has a development deal with one of the major Networks.