Listening to music is one of the hobbies of many people. There are different genres and categories of music. Music can be of a language. It is one of the medium through which the singers can express their feelings. Hip hop, pop, rock, classics, electro mix, soft and blues are the genres of music. Blues is one of the forms of the music, which came into existence before many of the genres.

What are Blues?

An Afro- American musical genre is famously known as blues whose special characteristics are the specific chord progression. The lyrics highlights and pen pictures about the difficulties, which the African-American societies faced. Apart from portraying society’s oppressions and sorrows, the lyrics can also be witty and raunchy. The form of the music is generally characterized by repeating the progression of the chords.

Origin of the Blue genre

The Blue singers and the band members are the dwellers from the Mississippi delta region. Mostly the humorous American genre originates from that area. It is one of the most spectacular forms of music, which is loved by all. The blue songs are something, which one can feel deep in their soul. In the dark days of your life, blues can be the ultimate entertainer.

Some of the Notable Blue Singers

From the Beetles to the Rolling Stones, they are all the pioneers of the blue musical style. Louis Armstrong, Bob Dylan, Miles Davis these musical legends have recorded some of the great blue numbers. The honored blue singers are Charlie Patton, Rabbit Brown, Sam Collins, William Ezel and Son House. Blues have thus showed the world how their style influenced the rock and roll style, which was prevalent in 60's and 70's.