CBT for all those who’ve never heard about it stands for cognitive behavioral therapy and it is a method of thinking first of all. Using this method people investigate what makes them unhappy (the root cause) and causes stress in their lives in order to try to keep clear those situations and patterns. This is a way to increase your happiness by decreasing negative stress.

A doctor who specializes in CBT - Simon A. Rego – has analyzed the latest Taylor Swift single ‘Shake It Off’ from this perspective. The doctor identified both behavioral and cognitive principles in Swift’s song.

The behavioral principle coming from the ‘I keep cruisin’’ lyric can be translated that the person will not pay attention to small distractions and will keep advancing in a direction the person chose and is beneficial. This behavioral principle is something all people should take into consideration. Create a goal for yourself or identify a happy place and go there without stopping for anything that might detour you.

At a point in the song Swift is singing that her own song is telling her ‘it’s gonna be alright’ which indicates to doctor Rego a coping mechanism. This coping mechanics indicates acceptance which is an important thing in therapy because most people are not able to accept themselves as they are and be happy with that.

Who would have guessed it that Taylor Swift is actually teaching people how to be happier with and appreciate themselves? Guess she is not just a pretty face who can sing pretty songs.