If you wonder who Summer Rain is then you are probably not a fan of Christina Aguilera. The unusual name you read is actually the name of her baby girl, Summer Rain.
Christina Aguilera was stopped by Live! With Kelly and Michael in Disneyland where she showed them and shared with the audience brand new pictures of her cute, little baby.
Summer Rain is already 9 months, and she visited Disneyland in Anaheim, California for the first time in her short life.

The talented singer already has a 7-year-old son Max whom she shares with her ex-husband Jordan Bratman. Visiting Disneyland was a totally new experience for both girls. 
For Summer Rain because she has never seen it and for her mommy because she hadn’t visited it with her youngest child.
Summer Rain is a daughter of Matt Rutler who is Christina’s fiancé. She looked so adorable with Minnie Mouse ears and Christina says that she was very excited and happy once she got there.

She added that her baby girl is very social and that she simply loves people, which is why she liked this place even more because it is full of people, especially children.
When asked about her children and their differences she said that they are totally different. That her son Max is a little bit shy and introverted, while Summer Rain is the total opposite.
Despite their differences Summer Rain, of course, adores her big brother and Christina added that the two of them get along just fine.
“ She wants to do everything like him. If he starts laughing about something, she’s like ‘ What’d I miss? ‘” added beautiful singer.