If you happen to have watched the BET Awards that was hosted at the Microsoft Theater on Sunday, then you would have heard the powerful speech that was given by Smokey Robinson. The 75-year old musician was awarded with the Achievement Award at the BET Awards and during his speech, Robinson gave out a very powerful speech that many celebrities ended up talking abut hours and days after the award show was over. 

In addition to that, Robinson went on further and gave out advice to new and upcoming artists when he was at the pressroom. The Motown legend had a very simple advice for those new artists in the game as well as those who are up and coming and that is to “Keep Your Feet On The Ground.”

“For those of you new and upcoming musicians who are keen on being huge in the music industry all I can say to you is that the music is all about awards and pedestals and when you are in a position of getting praises from people and stuff like that then you are in the right track,” he said. 

He went on further and stated that it is important that you also remain very humble and that you remember where you came from. 

“I also want to tell you that it is very important that you always remember where you have come from even as you get big in the music Industry, no matter how big you are always ensure that you try your best in keeping your feet on the ground.”