Listening to your favourite music always excites you a lot. Reason, they makes you feel nothing but relax your mind. Research also says that those people who listen music a lot stay happy and relaxed because it has ability to make mind fresh. Music is popular in almost every parts of the world. It is one string in which many hearts are attached strongly and connected always. Different genres of music are popular and people are fond of them. Among them one is a sad genre. This is one of the most soothing versions in music. It makes a person forget about everything and can relate to past. Whatever was the condition of a person in his past, this genre makes him feel about that specific moment only. 

One very special and happiest genre is romantic version. This version is favourite of youngsters and they are looking to listen most of romantic numbers. They can relate their love story with that romantic track and even can dance with their partner. Transitional or classical music is one thing which is about to lose its existence, still people are looking to listen music of such kind because they are light and melodious. Singing genres is not of today, it is coming from the era when music was developed. Playing with words, giving them music is very common these days. It is helpful in making a person feel dancing, can feel motivated or else any other mode. Most of the genres are very special one for making expression while dancing.