To change their mood, people listen to music. Many people feel their happiness and energy level boosted after hearing music every day, for at least half an hour as studies say. Music can help someone get out of depression and lead a serene life. It is one of the best-known ways for the expression of emotions and brings out some hidden feelings. A piece of Beethoven’s symphony can help the mind to relax and become calm after a long day’s hard work. When listening to music the person can create any image, they want to, in their minds, as music does not restrict them in the way, movies or television programs do. Music appeals to many, as a wonderful past time. Many teenagers today are seen in high school, carrying around personal music players (Ipods), with headphones plugged in their ears. Pop artists or rock bands entertain crowds of thousands at different concerts. Music has the ability to heal and uplift. One can take out his or her frustration by listening to music or singing, as singers today usually do.

In many ways, music acts as food for one’s soul. It reminds us of how things were; the things are and give a view of the future of a society. Music takes one into a different world and every human from the time of birth has a deeply-rooted appreciation for music. Music shall persist and always add sensitivity and momentum that is desperately required by the world in today’s era.