The entertainment industry of late has seen lots and lots of talk being generated about Selena Gomez and Zedd’s whirlwind romance to the point at which many people have even forgotten that the two artists can actually sing and that is what they actually do for a living when they are not showing how much they love one another.
On Friday the 13th Zedd reminded many of his fans what exactly he does by announcing that he will be collaborating with Selena Gomez by releasing a cover art for their new single titled “I want you to know.”
The covert art in itself is just impeccable and in addition to it featuring what many believe are electric strands of chemistry between the two singers (Zedd and Selena). The covert art in itself also indicates or gives some hint with regards to what the song the two will collaborate on will be about.
During an interview with Ryan Tedder, who happens to be the frontman of One Republic’s and also worked with one of Selena Gomez’s best friend said that he produced “I want you to know” and that Selena gave out an impeccable performance.
Even before its release Zedd’s and Selena’s single is one of most anticipated release of this year, especially after the two love birds littered their respected Instagram accounts with some hints which I must say are very mysterious.
'I Want You To Know' is slated to drop on February 23.