It was recently discovered that Lil’ Wayne and Justin Bieber are doing a song together. There is even rumors of them doing an entire album together. They both like the styles they both bring to music. They also like the fact of showing the world unity between different races. 

This was supposed to be a secret, but another rapper was coming out of the studio one day when he say Wayne and Bieber working in the studio. All this rapper heard was the beat and the chorus. However, he knew in that moment the song was going to be a hit. 

Wayne and Bieber are going to try to get other artists from the hip-hop and pop genres to do collaborations. The entire world cannot wait t hear this song. Wayne and Bieber cannot wait for this song to come out either. This song is scheduled to play on public radio in the very near future. The song is going through one more mastering stage.

Wayne and Bieber want to see how the public is going to react to this song before they actually work on an album. They also want to see how other artists will react to this song, and they are considering making the song into a remix and letting it feature several different artists. This has been a dream of Wayne’s and Bieber’s for a very long time. 

Wayne and Bieber are keeping music and peace alive within the community. All eyes are on them, as this new song gets ready to explode all over public ears.