When it comes to awards, there is that one particular celebrity who is bound to have some embarrassing moments be it at the red carpet or even during the stage and when Sunday came it was time for another celebrity to have an embarrassing moment and it was none other than Nicki Minaj. 

During her speech after taking home the award for Viewers Choice Award, the beautiful and talented Nicki Minaj made an embarrassing flub that will not be going away anytime soon. While receiving her price during the 2015 BET Awards that was hosted at the Microsoft Theater, Nicki Minaj did not know exactly which award she had won. 

“What was this award for,” Nicki asked when she was on the stage. You have to forgive her though because during her career she has gone to win so much awards and at some point it is bound to be confusing, I mean even me I might just not remember some of the awards that I have been nominated for and what I have won. 

Thankfully for Nicki, there was someone in hand who told him what award she had won and after receiving that information she bounced back just as she does on a regular basis and went on to thank the viewers for letting her be their number one choice. 

The Viewer’s Choice award was not the only award that the 32-yer rapper won. She also took home the award for best female rapper.