It has been a well established fact that if you want to memorize facts the best way to do it is through music. Many medical students have been using the strategy of rhymes and songs to commit large information to memory. Many studies have been conducted in the past that extol the benefits of memorizing information with the help of sing song pattern. The adults have also been able to learn new language more effectively when they sang the phrases and sentences instead of speaking them.

Music is known to stimulate some parts of the brain that enhances learning process. It has been said that if you want your child to learn things then you should make them learn with the help of musical rhymes. Sounds have been responsible for holding our attention and stimulate some visual images that can help commit things to memory. There are all kinds of music that can help in various kinds of activities. If you want to motivate the learning then use upbeat music especially those that have powerful lyrics that support constructive thinking. When studying or reading, one can listen to instrumental and improve concentration.

There is not just the learning ability that is affected by the music but also helps the people who have suffered traumatic injuries to the brain. Music has been used increasingly to help bring back the forgotten memories. A recent study revealed that the participants suffering from traumatic brain injury have responded well when they listened to number songs and it evoked memory from the past. The memory that was brought back was from the period of their lives which was similar to those memories as evoked in participants not suffering from a brain injury.