Lupe Fiasco’s fans are probably very happy now as the rapper just released his new album called ‘Testuo & Youth’. It seems that it was very hard for the rapper to put the album on the market as the executives at his label did not approve of it.

Although the rapper released several songs in 2014 that were more on the catchy, melodic side (lyrics rocked nonetheless) in order to reach more types of hip-hop listener they all flopped and didn’t receive much radio attention. This is where this new album started.

The album was created exactly as Lupe wanted, based on his unique lyrical style without other embellishments. One of the tracks best able to describe this album overall is ‘Mural’ which has a quick instrumental beginning and then it’s almost 9 minutes worth of lyrics. Through this kind of songs Lupe exposes his ideas and beliefs to the world, it’s his own brand of commentary.

The album contains 16 tracks in total of which most last over 5 minutes, except the 4 interludes which are all about 1:30 minutes and are named after the seasons of the year. The album also has two songs which last almost 9 minutes, ‘Murals’ and ‘Prisoner 1 &2’, and a 9:32 minutes one called ‘Chopper’. So it’s clear that this album is packed with all sorts of goodies for the true fans.

In an interview Lupe stated that this is his least flawed album so far. He continued by saying that he is not a radio friendly rapper and can accept that as he is unwilling to do what it takes to become radio friendly.