Although they had ‘’interesting’’ past, they are again working together! Many of us didn’t expect to see this, but surprise, it happens! They were noticed in the studio together, which means, new song by this two! The past between these two was really bad, some media even wrote about this like ‘’blood history’’.

Nevertheless, Kanye announced that he has big plans for him and beautiful Taylor Swift. They were spotted having a dinner together. Unfortunately, we cannot tell details of their conversation, because nobody knows it, but we believe that we shall be pleasantly surprised.

Last week Kanye revealed to Ryan Seacreast that Taylor really wanted to go in the studio, so, they must go. Who can reject this beautiful woman! Kanye is excited for working with Swift. He announced that every artist who has qualities like: fan base, interesting perspective and unique point of view, is perfect for cooperation. Luckily he found Taylor, who has all these qualities. Kanye doesn’t pay attention to how many Grammys some artist has, or ratings of albums, the more important is just to love the music, hip-hop, metal, country it is not important.

At this moment there are no more details about their new project. But, all we can say is that song made by these two will be great! After all, they are professional, and lovely Taylor will be perfect in video. How I know that? Simple, she is beautiful, and who doesn’t want to watch an interesting video with a beautiful girl like Taylor!