New Kids on the Block are touring with Nelly and TLC for the summer throughout the United States. Their show, however, has been hampered by quite an accident. NKOTB member Jonathan Knight was forced to cancel a show, saying on Twitter that “he had an accident on the bus.”

According to sources, this caused several serious injuries. On one of numerous social networks Jonathan Knight shared that he was sorry he could not be on stage that particular night. "Banged up my face badly, broke my nose and got a few stitches #FightClub,"he wrote, adding that his fans can refer to an attached photo showing the seriousness of the injury. He did a selfie of his severely injured face and captioned it: "……Meanwhile backstage #NKOTB #MainEvent,"

It appears, however, that the unpleasant situation did not demotivate Knight. Even though he was caught on camera on one of NKOTB's shows when he missed a move, the crowd still loved the performance, which is a guarantee that this is not just another comeback. Jonathan Knight is 46 years old. His fellow musicians are not far behind, either. It seems that age has nothing to do with attracting countless fans across the nation.

Posted by Bruce Martin 6/11/15