Music is something people love. For some of us it is only something that relaxes us and then you have people who are living the music, who see it as a big part of their life and something they cannot live without.
And it is true that music affects us, different people in a different way, but no one can stay indifferent.
You have songs or genres that you pick depending on your mood – happy and sad songs. Maybe you think that it is by accident which is not true, because our brain responds differently to a sad song and to a happy song.
Sometimes we burst into tears while listening to a certain song, it’s because we are affected by it, especially if it’s a depressive song.
Did you know that music can improve our creativity? Do you know how sometimes people tend to listen to the music while they are working on something? Well it’s because music helps us to be more creative.
Then you have people who can even study while listening to music. It’s because some of them feel less stressed while listening to it and there are people who say that music also improves their concentration.
Also a lot of people say that music describes our personality, so usually people who like slower songs, ballads tend to be more romantic and emotional, while those who like songs with a good beat are more dynamic and less mushy.
If you are playing a musical instrument and you do it often it will improve your reasoning and motor skills.