When you take a good look at this talented, young lady, you would never think that last year she had a breakdown.
Florence was invited to a party by Taylor Swift and she wasn’t really sure if she wanted to go there, because she didn’t feel like party was a good idea for her broken heart. But then she decided to go, and she didn’t regret one single moment.

Taylor somehow convinced her to come, because she wanted to help Florence and give her a good advice. It turned out that Taylor is good at giving advice, which Florence confirmed by saying that she understood her and gave her some really good points.

This is not surprising because Taylor is a good songwriter, especially when it comes to love songs.
She knew that if she mentioned anything about her breakdown, back in 2014, that it would instantly create headlines.

Florence didn’t know if she could classify that feeling as some sort of a breakdown, but what she did know is that last year was full of bumps and mix of different emotions.
At one point she becomes the happiest person in the world, but then in a second she becomes the saddest one.

She had a five year tour, and she didn’t know how it feels like not to be on a tour. Florence knew that no matter how bad she feels that she must have a gig at the end of the day, because that is what she does.

Then she realized that she had to face herself and some of the things she dealt with. If that is some sort of a breakdown, then let’s call it that way.