On Friday it was reported that a fake Drake promoter had been busy selling tickets to unsuspecting Drake fans who are eager to watch the Toronto based rapper on Stage for shows across the U.S. that haven’t been scheduled.

In Huston, Drake fans have already purchased a number of tickets for a show which supposedly the rapper will be performing, ABC 13 reported. This is without a doubt a very unfortunate situation for the fans that were tricked into buying the tickets. That said there is some good news for them as the Huston Arena upon hearing the news offered to issue out refunds to the unlucky Drake fans who had already purchased the tickets.

A spokesman from Drake’s camp has also come forward to warn unsuspecting fans from search individuals who are on the look out to make some quick money adding that anyone who was a victim to the Huston incidence should contact the authorities so that they could be refunded their money.

“Drake has never been scheduled to appear at the Arena Theatre venue. When we learned of this situation we immediately encouraged the venue and promoter to contact law enforcement to initiate an investigation.

“We are horrified that someone would use Drake’s name to take advantage of his fans. For any individuals who may have fallen victim to this, please contact your local authorities.”

Employees at the Huston Arena Theatre have recently come out and stated that they were in talks with the “started from the bottom” rapper as well as Drake’s team so as to see whether or not they will be able to convince the famed rapper to perform at the arena.