Drake is dominating the chats thanks to his surprise album “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late.”

Drake has just soared 21 spots up to number 1spot on Billboard’s Artist 100 Chart. This made Drizzy the first rapper to ever rule the Artist 100 ranking.

A weekly multidimensional ranking of popular artists is usually reached upon by Billboard by measuring track as well as album sales streaming, social media fan interaction and lastly radio airplay.
Drake rose to number one stop on Billboard’s Artist 100 chart with a surge inactivity of 850%. This is not the first time that the Canadian rapper has rose on the billboard charts, Drake has previously risen as high as number 13 on the billboard Artist Chart 100. The rapper has also never gone down past number 33 and has appeared on the Billboard’s chart each and every week dating back to the charts inceptions last July.

Drake’s album “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late,” which he surprised his fans with has played a major role in the surge, in-fact, his album “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late,” topped album sales chart with an impressive 495,000 copies sold in the week ending February 15th, this is according to Nielsen Music.

As we have previously reported Drake released his latest album on Thursday night unexpectedly. Drake’s album sales have been a major factor as to why the artist has rose up to the first position on Billboard’s Artist 100. According to Billboard, album sales account for 73 % of his Artist 100 points.

Drake also became the third R&B/Hip-Hop act to top the chart and he joins Chris Brown and Trey Songz who topped the list in October 4 and July 19 respectively.