Demi Lovato is not very happy and it all has to do with critics. In the past few days Demi Lovato ended up releasing a new song that was accepted very well with her fans but not so much with critics who have come out and stated that her new song sounds more like a Katy Perry’ song.   

Demi Lovato has in the past released great music, in fact most of her songs have gone and been pure hits on the charts both in the U.K. and the U.S. For her new song “Cool For The Summer”, which she ended up releasing on July the 1st, Demi Lovato hopes that it will also be a big hit. But before that can happen critics have been quick to state that the song sounds very similar to Katy Perry’s hit song “I Kissed A Girl”. 

Following those comments by critics on her song, Demi took to her social media page, in particular her Tweeter page where she lashed out at the critics for their hash comments. That said, Demi Lovato’s song “Cool For The Summer” has been well received by other critics who are predicting that the song might just end up being a major hit during the summer. In fact, as we speak, the song has gone straight to number one on the official iTune’s top songs indicating that fans are not necessarily agreeing with the critics.