A successful entrepreneur is the one who is ready to inspire and also get inspired. You may find many successful businessmen who have found inspirations in some invaluable books they have read. Here are some of the books that many entrepreneurs recommend. Stephen Covey is one name which is very well-known among the businessmen and general citizens alike. He is the author of one of the most popular personal management books, ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People,’ which has changed lives of many people across the globe. Focussing on the philosophy that it is the character that needs to grow not the personality, Covey has written several books of value. The book ‘First Things First’ may not be his most popular work but it certainly is most effective for the businessmen. In the book his primary focus is that being successful is not about doing a lot of things; success is the product of the things you do that really matter. He also adds that time is the biggest commodity and asset at the disposal of an entrepreneur. ‘Choose Yourself,’ by James Altucher is also one of the most amazing books that are a must-have for every entrepreneur. In this book, Altucher says that the most important mark of a successful businessman is that they take the responsibility for everything that comes their way. They treat failure and success in the same manner.