It is good to be a celebrity, you can do anything you like. If you do something stupid, everyone is going to laugh, if you do anything smart, everyone will applaud. We, ordinary mortals must be careful in our actions, but they, don’t! The best example of celebrity ‘’freedom’’ gave Will Smith on a premiere of his new movie Focus. When he and his lovely wife Jada Pinkett Smith were on a red carpet, entering into the theater, he grabbed her butt.

Will Smith stood behind the 43 years old actress and reached for her but! Smith was making an interesting face while placing his hands over his wife’s butt. The interesting thing is that Jada Pinkett Smith, haven’t noticed these actions! She hasn’t paid attention to her husband. Well, she can see now! Because while Will was doing this, paparazzi took many photos of them, so in the next few days, this is going to be a very interesting topic!

This is not all! They shared a sweet kiss on the press line! It looks like love is still present in their marriage. Sadly, we cannot say this for many other Hollywood couples. Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, looked absolutely fantastic at this premiere! He was wearing a dark suit, while Jada was dazzling in a beautiful white dress! After the movie they were talking to the reporters. It looks like they have an interesting life! Because they work a lot, one of them is in the house, with children and other is working. So they can use maximum of family life and work!