Terminator  is  not  remotely  on the  par with  the  greatness  of  the  previous  two  films, despite  of  that, it  has  done some  improvements  over  the  last  installments of  the  franchise.
The  Director  James  Cameron’s  long  running  franchise  have taken  another  dip  approach  in  the  sci-fi pool  this  week  with  the  TERMINATOR  GENISYS,  which  is  intended  to  erase  all the  previous  memories  of  the  last  few  entries,  like  the  Terminator  3: Rise  of the  Machine  and  the  Terminator: Salvation, which  according  to  the  report  they  did not  fare  as  well  at the  box  office   when  it  is  compared  with  its  predecessors. 

It’s  clear  that  John  Connor  has  once  again sent  Kyle  Reese back  from  the  future  where  robots  has  wiped  out  the  entire  human race,  his  main  objective  was  to  save Sarah  Connor (Emilia  Clarke)  the  woman  who  could  later  give  birth  to  John, the  person to  rebel  the  robots.

In  Terminator Genisys, there  was  some  issues  in  the casting  of  some  of  the  major  plot  elements, but  so  far  the  film  has been  found  entertaining  still, the  action  scenes  are staged  with amazing  special  effects.  Though  that was  not  thought  to  be  done with  “liquid  metal” effects,  but  it’s  use  here  with  adroit assurance.

Terminator   Genisys is   now  bottoming-out. It’s a  rats nest  of  conventional time  travel  plot  holes, mangled mythology, bland  CGI action, surplus to requirements narrative  divergences ,  and  hokey  comic  relief even  with  the  actors, Schwarzenegger  standards.
The  terminator  fan  foundation will  be  pleased with  franchise  being  back  on  track.