The remake of Cinderella, featuring Lily James, is receiving quite a lot of criticism from fans and parents in the United States, who say that Cinderella’s waist is unnaturally small. James, 25, allegedly had to go on a liquid only diet in order to fit into the tightly fitted corset that she is required to wear for the role. In response to the critics, James asked reporters at the premiere of the film in the United Kingdom why people were focusing on such an ‘irrelevant’ aspect of the film.

Some viewers hurled accusations in the direction of the film makers, saying that they digitally resized images of the actress in order to make her waist look thinner, but the stars of the movie all denied these claims. They say that the film is about the positive traits of Cinderella’s personality, such as courage, kindness, strength and inner beauty, and that people are not focusing on the message of the film. James says that wearing the dress makes her feel empowered, and she is amazed at the work of designer, Sandy Powell. Apparently, the only part of the costume that was altered by CGI is the famous glass slipper.